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injection molded parts common quailty problems and cause analys,solution

Author:bob Date:2010/9/1 22:57:05
injection molded parts common quaity problems and cause analys,solution.
Off color
1);Raw material factors:including tone replacement,plastic material brand change.
2);Equipment technology reason:temperature,pressure,melt time.
3);Environmental factors,barrel and hopper are not clean.
Short shot.
1);Gating system design is not reasonable.
2);Air trapping.
3);The impurities or cild material blocking the runner.
4);The mold temperture is not up to standard.
5);The injection strokes is not enough.
6);The injection pressure is too low.
7);Holding pressure time is short.
8);Injection speed is sow.
9);The melt temperature is low.
1);Mold design is not reasonable.
2);Injection pressure is high.
3);The melt temperature is high.
4);The holding pressure is too high.
5);The melt speed is too slow.
Weld mark ( grain )
1);The gate is too much.
2);Don't have cold-slug well or location is not correct.
3);Cooling uneven.
4);Mould release agent dosage is too much.
5);poor fluidity.
6);Water or volatile matter lontent in the raw matterial is too high.
7);The melt temperature is low.
8);The pressure is low and the speed is slow.
9);The mold design is not good.

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