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1 basic ideas of mould design
According to the performance of the basic requirements of plastic parts and plastic process, a careful analysis of plastic parts of the process, correctly determine the molding method and molding process, the selection of suitable plastic injection molding machine , then the plastic mold design.
2  The design should pay attention to.
Considering the plastic injection molding machine process characteristics and the relationship between the mold design.
The mold structure of rationality,economy,applicability and practical feasibility.
The structure of the shape and size of the correctness of the manufacturing process feasibility, materials and heat treatment requirements and accuracy, view expression,size standards,shape position error and surface eoughness, and other technical requirements.
3  mould design work flow
Build 3D model, and then make 2D engineering drawings, Clear plastic parts design,materials,assembly,accuracy,appearance requirements.
The possibility and economy of the forming process of the plastic parts are analyzed. 
Calculate the volume and weight of the plastic parts,then choose the injection equipment.  
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